Do people even do this anymore?

Honestly, I can think of nothing more cliché during an historically society-altering pandemic than to revive a college blog. Ok, so maybe planting garlic from seed in a box garden you bought from Etsy edges that out.

“Braden, I know there will always be pasta, but I read a Vice article that said lesbian garlic farmers in Peru are in the top-14 of economically at-risk agricultural producers. Did you know that Peru is our like, 9th highest exporter of garlic? Besides, if this is going to be like, an apocalypse or whatever, wouldn’t it be clutch if we had like, our own stash of garlic? Seriously Braden. I’m concerned…”

Still, blowing the dust off Digitally Captured Feelings of a 22 Year-Old is a close second place.

There are a lot of understandable questions flying around right now. Will we all work from home? Will childcare ever be the same? Is Kylie’s quarantine routine anything remotely like mine?

Tough to say, but at least we can all take comfort in the fact that, almost 6 months in, this guy decided to reset his password for his stupid blog about food from 12 years ago.

We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, here’s a shot from the Google Image Search Ocean Floor: “Lesbian Garlic Farmers”